Quality Policy

    Pipe organs in Hamedan company as one of the pipe and fittings producers GRP,
     Quality Policy in line with his vision of such organization shall declare:
     We are manufacturing company in a competitive market that we aim towards continuous improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction is the trust. Therefore customers are always our focus and activities of all organizations is to understand customers. This complies with good quality products to offer customers through timely delivery and reasonable price is achieved.
     The company aims to achieve qualitative process-oriented and customer-oriented approach, based on the quality management system conforming ISO9001: 2008 and consider its quality objectives as follows has been developed:

Company quality objectives are:
    1 - Increase customer satisfaction including decreasing Products Returns from customers and delivering products on time and achieve zero waste.
2 - continuous improvement processes including increased reliability characteristics, especially the process
Reduce product and process non-compliance.
3 - continuous improvement of human resources including staff to ensure skills (especially affecting the quality of staff) to perform duties.

Our staff as the most valuable company assets, based on our competitive form. In this regard, according to the development of quality culture on participation, growth and excellence through staff training investment is required. Thus, all employees through the necessary training required to become familiar with and understand the company quality management system and cooperation in its implementation and observance of its elements are related activities.
General quality management system in the company quality manuals has been developed.
Since based continuous optimization of business processes succeed and Administration Center is the responsibility of senior managers are starting companies and all employees will be included.
Responsibility for planning, establishing, conducting and supervising implementation of quality systems and use all features plenipotentiary representative of the company management has been transferred.
Management also represent quality policy for full fitness with Activities, required, in coordination with the Director Quality Policy revised offers.