Industrial missions Fahameh

  The country moving toward industry
Efficient use of technical knowledge and better technology

Environmental Protection
  Greater productivity and better utilization of facilities
  Currency exchange and collect more than Barry
  Creating jobs and attracting forces committed to working


Profit for shareholders
Legitimate funds and investors committed to ethics
May contribute personnel committed to the principles and ideals in stock

Investment value human resources as the most important member (personal dignity)
Create job security for committed and enthusiastic workers (job security)
Create conditions for job satisfaction colleagues (job satisfaction)
Pooyandegan development and intellectual skills and abilities of personnel (increased skills and abilities)
Staff participation in governance (participation)

Product or service
  Development and product diversity
Non-military activities in defense of the country except in time
Market development work within and outside the country

Customer or market
  Better service delivery
Quality Excellence
Healthy competition and fair
Respect for customer comments

Islamic ethics and human affairs - the Islamic ethics and human
Maximum patience and efforts in achieving company goals - patience and effort
All partners to each other mutual respect - mutual respect
Honestly and clearly - the honesty and openness